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Bright Marketing Cover"Aimed squarely at those with no previous marketing experience, Robert Craven’s latest book provides jargon-free guidance on how to improve your marketing and sales. As experienced marketers would heartily concur, Craven urges readers to look at their business through the eyes of the customer and be clear about what it is they offer that is better than their competitors."
Chartered Insitute of Marketing - read full review

"An excellent book: practical and an easy and often fun read (eg think about clients as lovers!). For everyone, but it will be particularly valuable to providers of professional services."
White Maple Consulting Ltd

"Bright Marketing - why should people bother to buy from you? is the latest book by Robert Craven (MBA 1990-91), published by Crimson Books. This informal, interactive book is practical and inspiring whatever your business size - whether you trade locally, regionally, nationally or internationally."
- Nexus: Warwick Business School Alumini Association bmagazine, Spring 08

"Robert Craven’s Bright Marketing is a must read for anyone interested in learning how to network effectively and grow their business without spending thousands on useless marketing."
- Ivan Misner, NY Times Bestselling Author and Founder of BNI

"As the owner of a training company I read a lot of books – a book a week in fact.  I work with hundreds of businesses to increase the results gained by applying strategy to their referral marketing, rather than just hoping if they do a good job people will tell others.  Robert’s book is a great add on to the success of our clients.  This book spells out what you need to do, when and why.  From an industry which over complicates marketing issues Robert’s book is a must read!

As it is impossible to have Robert Craven come to live in your house and have a chat to you each day over the breakfast table…….this is by far the next best alternative option.  Robert’s style of writing is straight forward and to the point – if you have heard Robert as a key note speaker you will know this is just like having him talking to you.  As a book it doesn’t get caught up in its own importance but focuses on each topic so you can apply the knowledge quickly and easily.  Like Robert’s Kick Start Your Business books, this will be one of those books you read, refer to regularly and which stays on your desk instead of your bookshelf."
- Sarah Owen – Master Franchisee Referral Institute UK

"This is It!! Staring me in the face. The business I work for has so many strengths but recently we have lost our way in finding sufficient numbers of good quality new clients. The asking for the business and generating referrals section of this book is worth the cost of the book on its own. The scary thing is that sometimes the most obvious things need to be pointed out or relearned and this book is a fantastic aide memoire for businesses and people like me - Robert, Thank you for restating some forgotten wisdom in a presentable and memorable way - an easy way to generating more business and happier clients."
- Gareth - Financial Services Consultant

"I have seen Robert speak so when I had the opportunity to review this book for B2B Marketing Magazine I took my chance to read this book. It is practical enough to actually make it useful to a small business owner. Read it with a pen in your hand and be honest with yourself. I am glad that I had the opportunity to read this new book and I will now go on to read the other two books that I bought from Robert when I last saw him speak."
- Review on Amazon by F. D. Pastore

"Inspiring and straight-talking, Bright Marketing is one of those books that makes you stop and think - and then it makes you want to take action - fast. Essential reading for any business that wants to stay one step ahead".
- Amanda Barry Hirst, Author of PR Power - Inside Secrets from the World of Spin

'Our rate of growth has more than doubled since we adopted the Bright Marketing approach.'
- Fred Edwards, myFD

'The thousands of people who have attended Robert's seminars come away not only motivated to up their marketing game, but also with lots of practical tips they can action immediately. The good news is that the book has the same effect. Robert's knowledge, experience and above all enthusiasm come across very strongly.

The book is a great summary for those who have attended one of Robert's events, but stands alone as a practical guide which is not a read once and file away book, but one which should be dipped into again and again.'
- George Derbyshire, NFEA, Chief Executive

'At the heart of the Bright Marketing philosophy is a refreshingly uncomplicated approach to developing and growing your business'
- John Davis, Marketing Director, Barclays

'Bright Marketing cuts through the complicated nonsense and presents dozens of tried and tested ideas in use-it-right-away form. Refreshingly free of complicated theories, Robert Craven has shown once again that a pinch of practical wisdom can work wonders for any business owner or manager. Read it now - you'll quickly discover the methods which can help you most.'
- Mark McKergow, author of The Solutions Focus: The SIMPLE Way to Positive Change

'Bright Marketing provides fast. practical and proven techniques to transform your workplace. your people and your profits... the book is for businesses that want to improve their profitability and find their edge - all the tools are proven to work and provide specific, measurable ways of improving your business.'
- Moving In The Right Direction Magazine, University of Bath

'Top Tip - Be Different - It is often easier to be different than to be better. And different might well be all that you need to make your business succeed. Business consultant Robert Craven writes in his book, Bright Marketing, that all it takes is being just five per cent different.'
- Reinventing The Broom - The Daily Telegraph, 20/06/07.

"Robert's latest publication `Bright Marketing' is exactly that.  It is full of clear, practical and concise information which is completely accessible to all levels of sales and management.  I would recommend this book very highly to anyone wishing to grow and improve their business."
- Jane French, Director
, The Right Address

I have now completed “Bright Marketing” twice over; and found it to truly helpful, easy reading and even easier to use as a working tool for my business. I honesty believe that “Bright Marketing” is excellent value for money and a must read for new and existing businesses. It has added tremendous value to my vision and future of my business.  Having  packed that much in for just £ 12.99, can only be considered a true bargain  of exceptional quality!!! I have told my friends, business colleagues and anyone I think can benefit from the book; and will continue to recommend it to others.

PS:  I usually paper books which I read on the train, but, not this time, “Bright Marketing” has been left uncovered for all the world to see, because it definitely stand out from all the marketing books which I’ve read.
- Cintra Jaggan-Vince, London

Bright Marketing - why should people bother to buy from you?
Author: Robert Craven Published by: Crimson Publishing

Robert runs a business consultancy called the Directors Centre and was sponsored by Barclays Bank to do a series of free seminars to small businesses. The seminars were called ‘Bright Marketing' and he refers to them throughout the book.

Bright Marketing is aimed at the owner managers of small businesses and is completely jargon free whilst being based on strong research. The sub title to the book is ‘why should people bother to buy from you?' The idea is simply that if you are exactly the same as all of your competitors then there is no reason why a customer should pick you.

Robert's belief is that you should do lots of work on finding your USP and that amounts to what is different about you. He provides tools and questions to help you find that difference. He says ‘if there has to be a choice between different or better I would go for different every time.' He does qualify that by saying that different and better would be the best position.

The book is written in a very conversational style and is easy to read and digest. On top of that he provides you with a glossary although some of the descriptions are slightly tongue in cheek. He is also very fond of Pareto's 80/20 rule and returns to it several times.

I think this is a great book for any small business that is serious about growing and needs to know where to start.

- Reviewed by Mark Orr, MD, The Printing and Mailing Company
B2BMarketing Magazine


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